In 1964 Myrtle Allen opened a restaurant in Ballymaloe House, using the abundance of locally grown produce. The restaurant soon attracted huge recognition for its excellent food, winning numerous international awards. Subsequently, Ballymaloe House developed into a hotel which welcomes guests to this day. The extended family have expanded and developed their own enterprises and created their own products. The Ballymaloe Kitchen and Craft Shop carries a selection of products which have the Ballymaloe Brand or have been developed by members of the Allen family such as cook books signed by Rachel Allen and Darina Allen, aprons, tea towels, shopping bags, mugs, towels, handmade soap, chopping boards and lots more.

€500 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


All Things Sweet (Hardcover)


Coast (Hardcover)


Ballymaloe Cookery Course (Hardcover)


Man Soap (large)


Healthy Gluten-Free Eating


€25 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


30 Years At Ballymaloe (Hardcover)


€300 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


Ballymaloe Mug


Lavender and Oatmeal Soap


Orange and Sand Gardeners Hand Soap Rounds (x3)


€50 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


Ballymaloe Breakfast Tea


€400 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


Recipes from My Mother (Hardcover)


Lavender and Poppyseed Soap Rounds (x5)


Ballymaloe Afternoon Tea


Is That Fat Foreigner Rich? (Paperback)


€75 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


Darina Allen A Simply Delicious Christmas (Hardcover)


Ballymaloe 50 Mug


Ballymaloe Measuring Spoon Set


Lavender Soap Rounds (x5)


The Ballymaloe Bread Book


Ballymaloe Butter Pat Dish (12cm)


Forgotten Skills of Cooking (Hardcover)


Lemon Verbena, Lime and Patchouli Soap


Ballymaloe Afternoon Tea (in a Tin)


Ballymaloe - The History of a Place and its People (Hardcover)


Man Soap


€100 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


€200 Ballymaloe Gift Voucher


Ballymaloe Breakfast Tea (in a Tin)


Ballymaloe - A Day in the Life (Hardcover)


Master it: How to cook today (Paperback)


Ballymaloe Tea Towel with Image of Ballymaloe House


The Ballymaloe Cookbook (Hardcover)


Ballymaloe Bathroom Companions


Wooden Chopping Board (approx 30cm x 38cm)